Bells are Ringing

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It is time to walk, it is time to stop, and it is time to draw near

Bells ring from side to side and change the course of nature

Alarm clock rings through coffee aroma filtered air

Church bell tingle on Sunday to remind all to draw near

Happy hour brings the bellboy with an ice-cold beer

The town hall bell reminds the town when to clear

Blind man’s dog bell paves the way and takes away his fear 

Railroad crossbars clang until the train is past the thoroughfare

The Closing Bell stops the trading and changes the atmosphere

Holiday bells jingle to remind us all when to  share

Marriage bells ring silently on white cake to bring cheer

Bells on a newborn bootie bring sweetness in a tear

Tinker bell flitters in a fairy tail and throws glitter in the air

Liberty bell echoes through the bird nests hanging in the pier

School bells blare a tardy to the child who is not “here”

Mama rings the dinner bell calling for a volunteer 

Hells bells do not exists, at least to those who love and care

Some hearts ring out loud and can change others demeanor

Our gestures whisper feelings that affect everyone’s behavior

Our consciousness is a bearer of bad news or happiness and cheer

True peace rings out through hearts in a silent chime

Subconscious bells are our vibrations that change the course of time

Bless God

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I seek to know how to bless God who created me

Embrace my purpose; what I am gifted to be

Live by faith in precision timing, true to equality

To understand how to live consistently

Trust peace that rules my heart explicitly

Divine order is my reality and in simplicity

For the glory of Heaven’s family, I will see

Creation’s Breath

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Angel’s grace descends to humble everyone 

Eternity is timeless and is the light of truth within

The breath of Creation is here and yet is to come

Heaven breathed the breath of life before this world began

Guides his children in the way of peace, away from all harm

To rest in the shadow of the almighty, in the eye of the storm

Darkness transforms to light as we transcend the norm

 Fills my understanding in the words of this little poem

Life Moves On

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The air was dry and the wind was strong

The ground is cracked then comes along

A little seed that lands just right

And snuggles into a crack so tight

One heavy rain came from the blue

The little seed broke into

A daisy’s sprout came bursting through

A perfect bloom found the sun

It became thirsty and began to burn

Reaching stretching, it gave it’s best

Beauty  from heaven wilts to dust

Whimpering dew, arose a mist

Fragrance shimmered, the sky was kissed

God’s Dimensions

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One’s heart must be arrested by what the eyes behold

The power of the creator; the order of his soul

Discern this vivid sphere of gas of brilliant enormity

While we live from its glow in this vague mystery

Position by the interactive forces of arranged gravity

Is in all to live and move today for  a life in eternally

A sun for a time; a Son before man arranges what we see

To receive this relationship with A Divine Deity

Science calls up history to delve its memory

Man is stunned by the origin of true love’s glory

And look past the sun toward our God in his majesty

And peace rules our heart that this life is temporary

In his presence now we’re learning patience yet to be

Within God’s original thought, we are created to be free

In the process of earth’s time we learn to listen and to see

In close friendship with God’s integrity

We find our home in His infinity

Gave my heart but kept Mine Too

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I was about six before I knew

I needed to be loved and to love you

That to do both, I would have to be true

Not to just one love, there were two

I didn’t want to see you blue

“you needed my love to help you through”

This was important I really knew

So I gave you my heart but kept mine too

I wanted to be strong to have and to hold

Because you are precious and needed consoled

For you I needed to be strong and sincere

One love to preserve my heart from despair

The other to love you, I could freely share

So I held onto my first love for you ‘cause I care

Pure Acceptance

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While God’s acceptance of us is higher than our best

We were molded from the earth by His tenderness

When God’s presence is about us until we sense His grace

His peace brings a hush and His healing we embrace

We hum in harmony with the angels, people we once knew

Take little thought of His blessings and asked Him to “bestow”

A peace arises deep within us in eternal love now and forever

We’re his handiwork; our gifts we share; his love is ever clever

Gift of Life

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True love never dies

Always perfect with no good byes

Before we decide or realize

Bound in Glorious wonderful ties

Inspired to love, ourselves we lend

Divine inspiration without an end

Into higher dimensions, we ascend

In heavenly places we synchronize

No selfish motive or fear of grief

Love steals us like a midnight thief

True Faith brings no unbelief

God’s original purpose for life to transcend

In perfect wisdom two souls blend 

Only in him can we begin



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Faith sends thoughts of hope to heal what one day brought forth grief

Elevates the heart to trust and receive new vision and relief

Brings strength to the weary in confidence and skill

Sees that God is greater, if in fact we trust his will

Begins by faith that works by love and therein is peace still


Subconscious may sense an irritant of something stealthy

A sneaky motive, wrong intension of charm that feels filthy

Words that paint a similar picture yet present a stagnate view

Always in need of another person’s appreciation and virtue

Sorcery reflects dreams without the means to carry through

Subtle accusations, a darkened plateau to continue hopelessness

Sorcery has a mission to drive a good heart to an impulsive mess

Totally discredit the individual and God’s handy preciousness

Sorcery reflects its own personal incredulousness

It strengthens the human heart; at ease to see others fail

Passive aggressive nature uses humor; a more wicked cynical

While the aggressive temperament picks on the frail with detail

Both to conquer the faithful this only sorcery affords

 “Let me help” I’ll imprison you with my deceptive words

The heart detects a heaviness; a callused lifeless chill

Time Without End

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If God held his hand out and said come with me

and pointed high to the stars as far as you could see

 And you looked around you at the mud and debris

Evaluate your options to live here or be free

You looked into the eyes of the pure ecstasy

As if to ask the master “what do you ask of me?”

Your focus was taken into a new galaxy

A presence drew you to a peace heavenly

Foreboding as the sun swirls in the night

You felt chilled, then consumed by light

Gravity and matter released you from this place

When drawn into the light of his grace